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Welcome to Shut Up and Think.

My name is K. William Huitt, and “Shut Up and Think” is my humble attempt at helping people understand and think about difficult political issues.

I believe in human dignity, self-government, natural law, and the common good. I also believe in careful methodology, intellectual charity and humility, careful communication, and a sincere attempt to engage with ideas in their strongest form whether you agree with them or not.

This website is where I talk about things that I believe are important but overlooked in politics and public discourse.

I’m less concerned here with what people think than how they think. I’m sure you’ll pick up on some of my personal views, but the priority for me is picking apart issues that I think plague all parts of the political spectrum. That makes me an equal opportunity snob who cares very much about his country and the people in it.

A huge thank you to Tim Warford for drawing my logo! Be sure to check out his blog, Hazy Mondays.

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